The Studio That Never Sleeps

Where Magic Happens Daily.


He is a Dark Elf acting alone, with great stealth and defenses. With plans of intricacy and madness, his mission is to destroy the magical populace one gentry at a time. Each mossy knoll will be blown to bits. Every mist and moor will be filled with contamination. If he can destroy the gentry under Lady Bhaltair’s rule, his confidence will be high.


Charms, dies, paper, ink, stamps, findings, how-to books, and inspiration can all be found in my studio. While it is in crafting of any kind that I find satisfaction, to be sure-it is in the sharing and giving of my craft that I find joy.


Witches Broomstick: Besom of mine, help me to keep, safe this home while I sweep. Circles I make and tasks I do. My trust and faith I place in you.

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Chase Dreams & Be The Magic.


Pick and choose and merely guess…You make your own happiness.

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