Elevate the Everyday

1037 Fort Thomas Avenue, Fort Thomas, KY

What a wonderful mantra, motto, and philosophy for positive living. I, however, cannot take credit for such a fabulous phrase. There is a lovely entrepreneur in Fort Thomas, KY that has braved a new venture called French 75 Boutique with the goal of bringing unique selections of living, gifting, and celebrating into the lives of local and online shoppers.

How blessed I am to have met Loretta. We first found out about each other when she saw something of mine on Etsy. Making things happen, as I do, I reached out to her and she bravely hopped onto my journey, and is allowing me to tag along on hers. We are two small businesses (mine being infinitely smaller) choosing to let our different paths overlap…at the mercy of emails, texts, and USPS.

Loretta goes above and beyond to give credit to artisans via both Facebook and Instagram. It is my sincerest hope that we can one day meet so I can simply thank her for the many small taps of encouragement she has given to me in such a short time. We are just folks with big hearts and even bigger dreams.

As Loretta and I discuss product best suited for her boutique, I’ve decided to create jewelry that can be found exclusively at French 75. Of course, my little etsy shop Dusty Charm Designs is continually renewed with fanciful designs, as well. Each shop has its own unique ambiance. With its name based on a cocktail (see recipe below), French 75 is a fresh boutique with selections provided by designers that by no means mass produce in Amazon fashion. If your fortunate enough to visit her shop, you surely won’t find her offerings elsewhere in neighboring shops. She offers bar ware, textiles, home decor, and much more. On the other hand, My Dusty Charm Designs touts itself with unique selections that are full whimsy, nature, and magic. The following DCD items can be found at French 75 Boutique!

I would like to thank Loretta and French 75 Boutique for friendship and professionalism. Click here to read more about this fabulous small business with big dreams!

The following pics give you a glimpse of our product relationship to date, along with various other items available at French 75 Boutique. Here’s to much more success for both of us!

Here is a recipe I found for French 75. Definitely seems worth a try!

1 ounce Gin (I prefer Tanqueray), 1/2 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/2 ounce simple syrup, 3 ounces champagne, lemon twist for garnish. Combine gin, syrup, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake vigorously and strain into an iced champagne glass. Top up with Champagne. Stir gently. Garnish.


Do What You Love!

First-I’m hoping everyone out there is having a wonderful day. It’s a very hot, yet productive Friday here in St. Louis. Lots of editing of my second book and working on Etsy. I feel that too often, writing for WordPress comes last. Going to post below some of my favorite motivational Instagram photos. It’s fun to incorporate my craft with catchy phrases. You can see more of them, along with lots of other quite frivolous things on my IG site.

On to some exciting news… after three years of Chasing Dreams in The Studio That Never Sleeps there is a lovely boutique in Kentucky that has commissioned me to make uniquely designed jewelry pieces. I took a chance and sent them a few samples with a letter, and now there is a relationship. I sent my first order today, and am now an excited member of the Venmo community. I’m hoping to write a nice piece about them in the near future.

Words of encouragement… don’t give up, look for a new way, take chances. Making earrings for the Kentucky boutique may seem like a small thing, but I look at it as a small step. A small step forward while loving what I do.

You are invited to see more magical selections at my little Etsy shop, Dusty Charm Designs. And for my friends who have read to the end of this post… here is a coupon code for FREE* shipping on orders of $25 or more. The code is WPFREESHIP. Just Click Here or hit the fancy QR Code and start shopping!

Chase Dreams & Be The Magic

*Free shipping in the United States.

My Little Etsy Shop

There are many magical selections at my little Etsy shop – Dusty Charm Designs. Quick shipping is available in the United States. Packaging is unique, and each order comes with a few surprises and a coupon for your future purchase. The following items are on sale until June 15… Chase Dreams & Be The Magic!





Wood and Leather



And much more!

Happiness is the Key to Life

Life is always brand new…and every single next ticking second of the clock brings the opportunity for happiness.

Monday, two days of designing and the cost of postage will disappear into a USPS mailbox. I’ll be sending samples of uniquely handcrafted fare to a newly opened boutique in Kentucky. Chance more than risk. This may spark some interest, just as a brand new second ticks. I am slightly hopeful that I’ll get a response. But I am 100% certain that I’m part of the grind and hustle of small business. I look forward to the next ticking second of the clock, no matter what it brings. I’ll be happy and happiness is the key to life.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

Click on this link to see a cutesy post from April 2015. Written by yours truly for my automotive blog hoodscoop03.com. Always the optimist and forever chasing dreams while wearing rose-colored glasses.

Please post comments of positivity about your own life!


Rejection comes in many forms…love, friendship, prosperity, creativity. Sometimes you even reject your own damn self with a heavy dose of self-inflicted misguided reasoning.

I was recently told that the writing, creating, thinking, designing, innovating I do in The Studio That Never Sleeps is more of a hobby than a means of income. The basic message – keep doing what you’re doing, and it will only lead to doing more of what you’re doing with no noticeable financial difference.

Never have I said “this will make me rich someday”. The meager dollars and cents trickle in here and there, but I never walk into my studio regretting my drive to create, knowing that something brand new is about to come to life.

Deflated to say the least…even crying privately in my car. Then, I thought…wait a second… I consistently post to my Instagram page affirmations of positive mental attitude, pushing on, being kind, chase dreams, be the magic, make a difference, etc. Surely, I could take my own advice. More crying, same day, same awesome car… Then I saw two homeless people talking with one another, smiling in their personal conversation.

So, I got a hold of myself, realizing how lucky I am to be in this time, space, place…and I drove home. Then…
I put together a plan for author visits.
…researched the gift shops that might be interested in carrying my books.
…made a list of jewelry items suitable for a lovely boutique in Kentucky.
…posted to Instagram.
…did my scheduled editing on book no. 2.
…reread a very pertinent post by my good friend Maria.

I decided to continue on as usual. Not one dime was made that evening, but my actions made a great deal of sense.

I’m about to celebrate 8 years on WordPress with my automotive blog hoodscoop03.com. That means 8 years of bleeding on a Mac, writing about cars and how they relate to family, history, and heritage…not gaining one cent. (Click HERE for a small glimpse of that positivity.) Now, I have this, my second website. More writing, more bleeding, more just being me. The nonprofitable blood letting is not stopping anytime soon.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing… designing jewelry, creating characters, writing country music lyrics, and planning the attack of the day. Perhaps you’ll know it if I make a million dollars before I do. Mostly, I hope you notice that I make a difference in someone’s life because of my happy nature, encouragement, drive, and work ethic.

Love what you do, do what you love. I sure do, and I find my life priceless.

Hit Your Note

So hard to believe that I wrote this as a random post on Facebook TEN years ago! The following are a few quotes I found about MUSIC.

Music is life itself- Louis Armstrong
Music is the soundtrack to your life- Dick Clark
Where words fail, music speaks- Hans Christian Anderson
Life is one, grand, sweet song…so start the music- Ronald Reagan
Music is the shorthand of emotion- Leo Tolstoy
Music tells us that the human race is greater than we know- Napoleon Bonaparte
Music is the strongest form of magic- Marilyn Manson

What we do and say is musical. Our words are the notes, our actions create the rhythm for those around us. Just like Louis Armstrong, may we strive to please our audience.

Chase Dreams & Be The Magic!

Eighties Writer: Part Two

In the Fall of ’83 the following poem was published in the college campus literary magazine. It features a slice of time and my beloved 1979 Special Edition Trans Am that was left to me when my father died. The selection is appropriately titled: Trans Am.

Reaching for the stars
In ecstasy,
Fits of passion come and go.
Desire leaps from moonbeams to
Dewdrops reflecting a
Black ghost-
Our only witness.
Suddenly, but only for a moment
A falling star
Within our reach
Then silently fades away.

A very old, but favorite shot of my dad’s Trans Am.

That young love was not meant to be. The car was stolen as part of a chop shop ring in South St. Louis. Definition: a place that illicitly disassembles stolen motor vehicles and sells their parts. Charges were pressed, and arrests were made. (That is a story for another day.) While few things last forever…. criminals took something from me, but memories of my dad, the car, and a tumultuous time in my life remain in tact. Bad seeds may have parted out my car, but my positive attitude will never be for sale. My dreams cannot be disassembled. I am forever happy.

Chase Dreams & Be The Magic!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Eighties Writer: Part One

Southeast Missouri State University, College years August 1980 – May 1984… Majoring in English… believing I could write. Here is the first poem published in our campus literary magazine – Fall 1981 – Title: My Feelings

Feeling second hand
Pumping words to this paper
I find myself lost, not finding myself at all.
Tired of searching, I watch these blue (true blue)
Inked words trickle through this pen
Manufactured a billion at a time, unbelievable.
Touch these words for they have feelings;
Soft, but oh so confused.
Of life of happiness of death.
Not to worry, because I keep them in only two places,
Heart pushing them to mind, pen pushing (pumping) them to paper.
Is that four?
But truly no worry of yours (world).
For I will not burden you with My Feelings.
Only I deserve them, can use them best.
No one really knows them or will ever know them.
These feelings, second hand or not, are my own.

What shapes our feelings, what or who inspires our writing?

I was only 18 in 1980, when my father died (at the young age of 40). He fell from a crane at his job, just a few weeks before I was to leave for college. Hard to believe that was 40 years ago, and silvers of those feelings are still inside. But so is he. I am grateful to know that I am uniquely me because of, and in spite of the big and small moments of my life.

I will always Chase Dreams & Be The Magic!

Photo by Karyme Franu00e7a on Pexels.com

Mirabel Alisa Dawn

Though born with just one, I’ve had many names throughout my life. Some nicknames include: Cotton Top, Motorhead, Bookworm, Momma Noos, Debbie Do and Dearest One.

Believing in magic and much of what it encompasses, I recently decided to do a self-exploration to find my Fairy Name. There are several ways to go about it. Some are a bit on the silly side, while others can be quite complicated. I discovered a Numerology book by Gerie Bauer at one of my local shops, Mystic Valley, a lovely place that supports all paths in life. I found it to be very logical and extremely doable. I especially appreciated the consistency of Numerology. If you can’t find this book at a small business near you, click here to purchase online.

First, I needed to find my Life Path Number. It has everything to do with the month, day and year you are born. Mine turned out to be the number 6.

Here is a sample of how to find your Life Path Number:

If your birthday is December 15, 1992:

December – 12, 1+2=3

15 – 1+5=6

1992 – 1+9+9+2=21, 2+1=3

Finally, take the 3 numbers and add them up. Note: in this formula of numerology, you never end up with a two digit number.

3+6+3=12, 1+2=3

The Life Path Number of a person born December 15, 1992 is 3.

The next action was to find names that broke down to my Life Path Number 6, at the same time holding special meaning. I used my Character Naming Sourcebook. It is a wonderful 486-page compilation of names, along with their meanings and origins.

Sherrilyn Kenyon

Almost every character’s name in my book, The Gentry: Rebirth has purposeful meaning. For example: Ignatius Porteur is a brownie who watches over the bed and breakfast from his space behind the kitchen’s wood burning stove. Ignatius=Fiery, Porteur=Gate Keeper. Both names are French.

After an evening of searching, calculating and narrowing, I came up with my Fairy Name.

Mirabel – Beauty 4+9+9+1+2+5+3=33, 3+3=6

Alisa – Truthful, Nobel Humor 1+3+9+1+1=15, 1+5=6

Dawn – Light 4+1+5+5=15, 1+5=6

So… Mirabel Alisa Dawn was born.

At 59, the path has been long, winding and full of excitement. As I am continually chasing dreams, the journey is certainly not ending any time soon. Finding my Fairy Name just seemed to be a next step for me. However, just as Shakespeare wrote, no matter what I’m called, I’m still the same happy and magical dreamer.

I would love to hear from you. Do you have a Fairy or Witch Name? … even a nickname that completely describes you? Any positive thoughts of, or experiences with Numerology?

Photo Cred for the Numerology chart: psychic-readings-guide.com

Let’s Get This Party Started

So many possibilities to shake it up and make it big as we enter the first month of this new year. Self-improvement, health, kindness, positive outcomes. Just a few things to stuff into our carry and conceal weapon. Aching for the positive and longing for change. The only way it can happen is through mind blowing action. Oftentimes actions must be made in the face of adversity. But therein lies the challenge of putting on our big people pants, facing a bumpy path and mustering a smile. An easier journey when your suitcase is packed with a positive attitude. More challenging for those whose luggage contains only stones to throw upon the rough trail. We have the potential to toss about our own magic as we venture through 2021.    

Where does this leave us for January?

Our very best selves need to emerge on fire with folks standing about tempting to touch us, saying, “Fool, your are HOT. Mind if I roll you up and smoke a bit of what you’re smoking?” Our health should be a priority, both physical and mental. Kindness should be a knee jerk reaction. And, yes… looking on the bright side has proven to make things…well…brighter.

All of these things, I truly believe, will jump start January 2021, and lay a foundation for the next eleven months…and beyond.

Being a list maker…here’s my plan:

Meditation with an altar of Correspondences and Tchotchkes

Exercising – If y’all have a magic wand…commence waving it about!

Journaling with The Mindful Witch and The Cosmic Journey

Listening to motivational podcasts on Spotify (sshhh don’t tell Sirius)

Reading self-improvement books (Dang, I might oughta write one…oops no time)

Giving hot tea a chance (PLEASE let me know you favs)

Following the Moon’s Cycle

Embracing my inner magic (trio of human, witch and fairy)

Finally, I plan to surround myself with uplifting people. They emit into the universe vibes, actions and words that mold a better day-to-day for the rest of us.

My dear friend Maria writes poems (or Mumblings as she calls them) that do just that. They seem to be woven word dreams that somehow emerge…. via synapses, sinews and cilia… As she mumbles, the words rest themselves upon the page, leaving us to embrace them and throw each rendering of intertwined letters into our own emotional fire pit. Maria’s words rise up in Phoenix fashion and become something more. Below is one of her poems that certainly applies to this post. Take time to visit Maria’s Instagram page and enjoy a lovely collection of her mumblings.

Here’s to a wonderfully happy, uplifting and productive January. Please add your own positive plans for this first and magical month of 2021. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting my little blog.

Photo creds: waiukugolf&squash, productiveandfree.com