Do What You Love!

First-I’m hoping everyone out there is having a wonderful day. It’s a very hot, yet productive Friday here in St. Louis. Lots of editing of my second book and working on Etsy. I feel that too often, writing for WordPress comes last. Going to post below some of my favorite motivational Instagram photos. It’s fun to incorporate my craft with catchy phrases. You can see more of them, along with lots of other quite frivolous things on my IG site.

On to some exciting news… after three years of Chasing Dreams in The Studio That Never Sleeps there is a lovely boutique in Kentucky that has commissioned me to make uniquely designed jewelry pieces. I took a chance and sent them a few samples with a letter, and now there is a relationship. I sent my first order today, and am now an excited member of the Venmo community. I’m hoping to write a nice piece about them in the near future.

Words of encouragement… don’t give up, look for a new way, take chances. Making earrings for the Kentucky boutique may seem like a small thing, but I look at it as a small step. A small step forward while loving what I do.

You are invited to see more magical selections at my little Etsy shop, Dusty Charm Designs. And for my friends who have read to the end of this post… here is a coupon code for FREE* shipping on orders of $25 or more. The code is WPFREESHIP. Just Click Here or hit the fancy QR Code and start shopping!

Chase Dreams & Be The Magic

*Free shipping in the United States.

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