A New Adventure!

As always, The Studio That Never Sleeps is ever evolving. My newest adventure is with a delightful shop located in the lovely town of Lebanon, OH. The Shady Dame is a gem nestled in a worthwhile boutique district. There, you will find storefronts for every interest and quaint eateries… bookstore, ice cream parlor, gift and jewelry shops… just to name a few.

What sets The Shady Dame apart, and of course being my favorite of all the shops I visited, is the positive vibe that radiates from the layout and the selections, as well as from the owners-Paul and Allison. They make you feel at home, welcome your questions and embrace your own unique and personal understanding of the offerings you will experience. (I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that I felt a bit of magic in the air.)

Two months have passed since I visited The Shady Dame. I left that day with a sticker for my Mac, a citrine crystal, and a new friendship (both personal and professional). Yesterday an order for earrings and bookmarks was dropped at the post office and will soon be finding their appropriate placements at The Shady Dame. The gift of Allison and Paul’s willingness to share their space and welcome my creativity mean so much to this small but determined St. Louis entrepreneur.

A wonderful bonus to our relationship is my new appreciation of Tarot!

There will be more written about The Shady Dame and the town of Lebanon, OH in a future post. I’m hoping to also share my Tarot journey, as well. In the meantime take a peek below at a few of the items that you will soon be able to purchase at The Shady Dame. Other thoughtful, whimsical and magical selections can be found at my Etsy Shop. Just click here!

Thanks for taking a look at my little blog. Leave some comments. Tell me about your journey – be it Tarot, magical, chakra, pride or anything positive that has a place in your life!

Photo Creds: Dusty Charm Designs, Christopher Gemperline (via Google Maps)

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