The Gentry: Rebirth (AKA The Beginning)

The town of Ste. Germaine was rich in history. It was known for its polite people and gardens scattered among the small yards. More notably, a greatly respected southern french woman lived there. Everyone, even visitors, called her Grandmom. Never had a town been able to tout a lady of such glamour and mystery. She was sought for advice. For her wisdom was thought to descend from greatness and magic. The unexplainable events that occurred at her bed and breakfast, The Petit Jardin, were expected by the townspeople. There was not a September that came and went without someone catching a glimpse of sparkle out of the corner of their eye. A gossamer veil of mystic came over the skeptical. Those hard at heart only encountered small forms of bad luck; nothing more. Just desserts were served in appropriate measure. As for me, my first September experience was a great many years ago. It was then that I was silenced. Or so they thought. I thank my dear friend Malvina for giving me a voice. My soul lives on…” A. Bhaltair

In the beginning my little book was accepted at the Novel Neighbor in Webster Groves, MO. I believe I paid a small fee for it to sit upon a shelf in their ‘Local Authors’ section. It was a meager relationship, but rightfully so, as I am a modest and negligible author. A generous handful of copies were sold. To date – it gets a sale or two per month on Amazon. Pssst – I keep a few copies in my workspace – The Studio That Never Sleeps, just in case a local friend is interested. Finally, I’ve sold my lovely book from my Etsy site. It may seem like a lot of upkeep, but that’s how it starts…and continues. You work hard, take chances and make things happen.

Leave a comment about something you’ve work on that has given you pride.

Chase Dreams & Be The Magic

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