Hit Your Note

So hard to believe that I wrote this as a random post on Facebook TEN years ago! The following are a few quotes I found about MUSIC.

Music is life itself- Louis Armstrong
Music is the soundtrack to your life- Dick Clark
Where words fail, music speaks- Hans Christian Anderson
Life is one, grand, sweet song…so start the music- Ronald Reagan
Music is the shorthand of emotion- Leo Tolstoy
Music tells us that the human race is greater than we know- Napoleon Bonaparte
Music is the strongest form of magic- Marilyn Manson

What we do and say is musical. Our words are the notes, our actions create the rhythm for those around us. Just like Louis Armstrong, may we strive to please our audience.

Chase Dreams & Be The Magic!

Published by dustycharmdesigns

Love life, creativity, cars, people, and being me. All of these things make me happy.

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