Rejection comes in many forms…love, friendship, prosperity, creativity. Sometimes you even reject your own damn self with a heavy dose of self-inflicted misguided reasoning.

I was recently told that the writing, creating, thinking, designing, innovating I do in The Studio That Never Sleeps is more of a hobby than a means of income. The basic message – keep doing what you’re doing, and it will only lead to doing more of what you’re doing with no noticeable financial difference.

Never have I said “this will make me rich someday”. The meager dollars and cents trickle in here and there, but I never walk into my studio regretting my drive to create, knowing that something brand new is about to come to life.

Deflated to say the least…even crying privately in my car. Then, I thought…wait a second… I consistently post to my Instagram page affirmations of positive mental attitude, pushing on, being kind, chase dreams, be the magic, make a difference, etc. Surely, I could take my own advice. More crying, same day, same awesome car… Then I saw two homeless people talking with one another, smiling in their personal conversation.

So, I got a hold of myself, realizing how lucky I am to be in this time, space, place…and I drove home. Then…
I put together a plan for author visits.
…researched the gift shops that might be interested in carrying my books.
…made a list of jewelry items suitable for a lovely boutique in Kentucky.
…posted to Instagram.
…did my scheduled editing on book no. 2.
…reread a very pertinent post by my good friend Maria.

I decided to continue on as usual. Not one dime was made that evening, but my actions made a great deal of sense.

I’m about to celebrate 8 years on WordPress with my automotive blog hoodscoop03.com. That means 8 years of bleeding on a Mac, writing about cars and how they relate to family, history, and heritage…not gaining one cent. (Click HERE for a small glimpse of that positivity.) Now, I have this, my second website. More writing, more bleeding, more just being me. The nonprofitable blood letting is not stopping anytime soon.

I’ll keep doing what I’m doing… designing jewelry, creating characters, writing country music lyrics, and planning the attack of the day. Perhaps you’ll know it if I make a million dollars before I do. Mostly, I hope you notice that I make a difference in someone’s life because of my happy nature, encouragement, drive, and work ethic.

Love what you do, do what you love. I sure do, and I find my life priceless.

2 thoughts on “Rejection”

  1. Dear friend, you know that I love your creativity: all things faerie…beautiful jewelry…note cards. I hope you never stop sharing your joy and creativity with all of us. It certainly makes a difference in my life.

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