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Happiness is the Key to Life

Life is always brand new…and every single next ticking second of the clock brings the opportunity for happiness.

Monday, two days of designing and the cost of postage will disappear into a USPS mailbox. I’ll be sending samples of uniquely handcrafted fare to a newly opened boutique in Kentucky. Chance more than risk. This may spark some interest, just as a brand new second ticks. I am slightly hopeful that I’ll get a response. But I am 100% certain that I’m part of the grind and hustle of small business. I look forward to the next ticking second of the clock, no matter what it brings. I’ll be happy and happiness is the key to life.

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on

Click on this link to see a cutesy post from April 2015. Written by yours truly for my automotive blog Always the optimist and forever chasing dreams while wearing rose-colored glasses.

Please post comments of positivity about your own life!

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