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Eighties Writer: Part Two

In the Fall of ’83 the following poem was published in the college campus literary magazine. It features a slice of time and my beloved 1979 Special Edition Trans Am that was left to me when my father died. The selection is appropriately titled: Trans Am.

Reaching for the stars
In ecstasy,
Fits of passion come and go.
Desire leaps from moonbeams to
Dewdrops reflecting a
Black ghost-
Our only witness.
Suddenly, but only for a moment
A falling star
Within our reach
Then silently fades away.

A very old, but favorite shot of my dad’s Trans Am.

That young love was not meant to be. The car was stolen as part of a chop shop ring in South St. Louis. Definition: a place that illicitly disassembles stolen motor vehicles and sells their parts. Charges were pressed, and arrests were made. (That is a story for another day.) While few things last forever…. criminals took something from me, but memories of my dad, the car, and a tumultuous time in my life remain in tact. Bad seeds may have parted out my car, but my positive attitude will never be for sale. My dreams cannot be disassembled. I am forever happy.

Chase Dreams & Be The Magic!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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