Let’s Get This Party Started

So many possibilities to shake it up and make it big as we enter the first month of this new year. Self-improvement, health, kindness, positive outcomes. Just a few things to stuff into our carry and conceal weapon. Aching for the positive and longing for change. The only way it can happen is through mind blowing action. Oftentimes actions must be made in the face of adversity. But therein lies the challenge of putting on our big people pants, facing a bumpy path and mustering a smile. An easier journey when your suitcase is packed with a positive attitude. More challenging for those whose luggage contains only stones to throw upon the rough trail. We have the potential to toss about our own magic as we venture through 2021.    

Where does this leave us for January?

Our very best selves need to emerge on fire with folks standing about tempting to touch us, saying, “Fool, your are HOT. Mind if I roll you up and smoke a bit of what you’re smoking?” Our health should be a priority, both physical and mental. Kindness should be a knee jerk reaction. And, yes… looking on the bright side has proven to make things…well…brighter.

All of these things, I truly believe, will jump start January 2021, and lay a foundation for the next eleven months…and beyond.

Being a list maker…here’s my plan:

Meditation with an altar of Correspondences and Tchotchkes

Exercising – If y’all have a magic wand…commence waving it about!

Journaling with The Mindful Witch and The Cosmic Journey

Listening to motivational podcasts on Spotify (sshhh don’t tell Sirius)

Reading self-improvement books (Dang, I might oughta write one…oops no time)

Giving hot tea a chance (PLEASE let me know you favs)

Following the Moon’s Cycle

Embracing my inner magic (trio of human, witch and fairy)

Finally, I plan to surround myself with uplifting people. They emit into the universe vibes, actions and words that mold a better day-to-day for the rest of us.

My dear friend Maria writes poems (or Mumblings as she calls them) that do just that. They seem to be woven word dreams that somehow emerge…. via synapses, sinews and cilia… As she mumbles, the words rest themselves upon the page, leaving us to embrace them and throw each rendering of intertwined letters into our own emotional fire pit. Maria’s words rise up in Phoenix fashion and become something more. Below is one of her poems that certainly applies to this post. Take time to visit Maria’s Instagram page and enjoy a lovely collection of her mumblings.

Here’s to a wonderfully happy, uplifting and productive January. Please add your own positive plans for this first and magical month of 2021. I would love to hear from you!

Thank you for visiting my little blog.

Photo creds: waiukugolf&squash, productiveandfree.com

3 thoughts on “Let’s Get This Party Started”

  1. Debbie, thank you for these lovely thoughts.   I wanted to share with you two of my favorite teas: Aveda makes a wonderful tea simply called Comforting tea.  I swing by Ginger Bay Salon every so often to pick up a couple of boxes.  You could probably find it at other salons that sell Aveda products.  It’s a little more expensive so I use it as a treat. A nice inexpensive tea that you can buy at the grocery store is Celestial Seasonings Cinnamon Apple Spice.   The reason I like these two teas is that they both have a naturally sweet taste so I don’t have to add sugar or honey.  One area I can cut back on the calories! I have been meaning to send you a message.  I think I told you that my friend loved the special order note cards that you made for her.  I want to talk to you about making some more!  I’ll send you a text if that’s okay. Blessings,Roxanne

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